Monday, January 12, 2009

The Ho-Hums

Hooooooooo-Hummmmmmmm. If you were sitting beside me, you would realize that was a big sigh I just let out.

Can I just be honest and say that I'm really, really tired of blogging? In fact, I'm so tired of blogging that I'm not really even reading other people's blogs. There's a few I check in on regularly, but not daily as I used to. But I don't want to lose my connection with those of you who read this, so I press on. (And if my 9 month pregnant sister can still can I!)

Life is moving at a rapid speed for us right now. Deep in the trenches of basketball season (which I LOVE), back to the solid rock of spring Bible study, the second semester of school, a new year full of already-broken resolutions, the promise of spring, trying to plan a summer vacation, becoming the owners of 15 acres of land........time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin (sing with me now) into the future.....

Many of my fellow-bloggers re-capped their favorite Christmas memories with photos. I'll have to pass on that, but here are a few bullet points from Beeler Christmas 2008:

--I made a spontaneous purchase for Kellie-Laine: and ipod touch. Only after I had the thing engraved did I realize that a.) the ipod touch does not have parental controls for the internet and b.) the ipod is non-returnable after engraving. Guess who is now the proud owner of an ipod touch which conveniently sits on my computer desk for days at a time untouched?! I call it my ipod no-touch because I never use the thing.

--We had family visit for five days straight. FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT. In case you didn't get that let me repeat....five, 5, cinco days in a row. I love parts of my family and for those family members, five days is not enough. But those on the other hand.......

-- My brother-in-law came down with a stomach bug during the five days straight. There is nothing better than cleaning up someone else's poop/vomit on the potty while trying to ensure that my kiddos or other visiting family members don't get sick.

-- Landrie and cousin Grace went MIA with all of their "pretend play" time. I only got glimpses of Landrie throughout most of the holidays. She was in heaven having a captive audience to play with at her every beck and call.

-- I loved seeing the shock on Kellie-Laine's face when she pulled the ipod nano out of her stocking. She was totally shocked. Her elation was short lived once she heard my confession of the ipod no-touch.

--I bought Cody a gun for Christmas. While I loved seeing the joy and surprise on his face, nothing compares to the experience actually purchasing the gun. (Imagine a dressed-to-the-hilt half-Asian girl sauntering into Academy holding a torn piece of paper while reading to the salesperson: "I would like to buy either a .22 rifle or a .177 pellet gun with rat ammo, please. Oh, and do those guns come in pink, by chance?) Bat those eyelashes; twirl that hair......

--For the fourth year in a row, I had my Christmas meal catered. This is a tradition I'm not willing to change. Money well spent.

-- Speaking of traditions, we once again purchased an expensive gift for someone who complained about it. I'm not naming names, but apparently this has become a Beeler tradition. I call it the "Let's See How Much Money We Can Spend On Someone Who Will Complain About Why They Can't Use It" tradition.

-- I did not take full opportunity to share the real reason behind the season with my girls. They were, however, fully aware of Max, our Elf on the Shelf. Note to self: gotta do a better job next year. My girls spent quite a bit of time searching for Max and asking him to bring them real cell phones. He did not comply.

And finally,

--My Christmas card-making business was successful and so much fun. Those of you who ordered a card from me, please know that you are helping me pay for a very useless ipod no-touch.

May joy and peace abound in your home in 2009! Until next time.................