Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just Checkin' In

It's been almost a month since I've last blogged....A MONTH! I never thought that I'd be this much of a slacker, but guess what? I am.

I guess the topic most talked about in my circle of friends is this danged economy. What do you guys think about it? I think it sucks. And I'm scared.

I need to remind those of you who didn't know me back in 1999 that I was one of those crazy gals who stocked up on powdered milk and jugs of water and demanded that all my extended family members spend New Year's Eve at my house. Y2K, baby. Suffice it to say that Y2K never happened. And my powdered milk? Thrown out in January of 2001.

But this thing we're going through now is a different kind of situation. It's not a computer glitch. It's not the prophetic end of the world. It's plain and simple "Many-Americans-Were-Stupid-With-Their-Money" and "Banks-Gave -Loans-To-Every-Man-Or-Donkey-That -Walked-Through-The-Door". And here we are.

The economic sky is falling, and I've become Chicken Little.

Even though I didn't vote for him, I do believe Obama is trying to sort through this mess we're in. I think we are expecting too much to see a few stimulus packages clean up years worth of debt, stupidity, and greed. I want to see him succeed for the simple fact of turning things around for our future. Republican or not, we need his help and leadership.

Now, on a local level.....I'm wondering if you guys are seeing local effects of this economic train wreck. Here are just a few I've noticed:

1. Many retailers have cut back their hours. Ann Taylor Loft now closes at 7 pm instead of 9pm.
Hollywood video is no longer open 24 hours a day. They close at 10 pm.
2. Several people we know have lost jobs.
3. The local housing market....enough said!
4. Mommies are having to return to the workforce.
5. Private schooling parents are having to consider options like public school or home school.
6. Spring Break vacations were almost non-existent within my circle of friends. We didn't plan any type of vacation, and I didn't even mind.
7. More retail stores are having sales.

What about you? What are you noticing in response to the economic downfall? Are you doing anything as a family to prepare for worse times? Are you turning a blind eye? Storing food? Buying guns? Praying more? Anyone? Anyone?

As a side story, a friend of mine was returning to Waco and stopped at a Subway in Corsicana. She bought a meal deal, you know, 6-inch sub with drink and chips. When she went to check out, the cashier told her it would be $9.49 for her meal. She, of course, protested this price and the cashier told her that "since they were the only Subway in town, they went up $3 on all their meal deals." Isn't this price gauging? My friend is planning to report this incident tomorrow to the Subway manager, but wouldn't you know that the cashier conveniently left out the receipt from her purchase? No proof that she over-paid.

And I think my friend just gave that cashier a $3 tip.