Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beeler Update

Yes, I know....they should revoke my blogger license!
The start of school has brought many changes...the main change being that I have little free time! It's good to feel productive again but hard to stay organized.

So here's the update: Kellie-Laine has a boy that has shown some interest in her, and she has returned that interest. I'm not calling him a "boyfriend" because she's not allowed to have one. The extent of their interaction is talking at school and note writing. This has been an interesting series of conversations I've been having with her because this is territory I've never ventured into! Things seem to move so fast these days, and I believe it's my job to slow them down. Even though I'm not entirely comfortable with this boy-girl thing, I realize it's part of growing up. I also appreciate that she still depends on me to help her understand this new venture. A week ago, she came home and asked if she was allowed to write notes to this young man. At first I said no, but then I reconsidered. I told her she was allowed to respond to his notes and that she needed to be aware that at any time I could ask for and read them. She was happy with that compromise, and I think the note writing has been humorous and sporadic at best!

Landrie has successfully completed about three weeks of pre-school, and I'm blown away at the things she's learning! She has found a few boys that she calls her "best friends" and that's pretty much "typical Landrie." She definitely beats to her own little tune.....even though she's as girly as they come, she prefers to have friends who are boys. She spends most of the day playing teacher and will line up all of her animals and babies and call roll. I was playing with school with her the other day and she told me, "When I say your name, you say 'present' or 'gift.'" Isn't that funny?

Emerie has developed quite an opinion, and it's usually different than mine! She prefers being outside and will stand at the front door and whine to go out. She loves holding my hand to walk (even though she can take 8-10 steps on her own!), but she is definitely doing the leading. She, too, started one day of Mother's Day Out, and I think she's giving the teachers a run for their money! She refuses to take a nap at school but will sleep for 10-15 minutes only if they rock her! She will help me sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" and will swipe at her head when I say, "brush your hair!" I had a "proud parent" moment the other day with her...I had given her a wet wipe to play with and when I turned around, she was wiping the cabinets with it to "clean" them. I am a constantly cleaning--it's kind of an obsession of mine. Children imitate what they see, and Emerie sees me wiping down the counter tops at least 5 times a day!
Cody and I are doing great....starting to enjoy the little bit of freedom now that our littlest one is getting older. We're getting more dates in and enjoying our evenings together on the couch! I'm about three weeks in to my Daniel Bible study and it's just what I've been needing! The Lord has really been speaking to me this past week about tactfulness, and I'm trying hard to listen and learn what He desires for me in this area.
Until next time.....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Babies!

This past Saturday, we hosted a double birthday party for Landrie and Emerie. Being born 8 days apart seems to have it's advantages! We rented the WBA gym, a Dora bouncy house and added lots of scooters, dodge balls, plasma cars, etc. While we invited only close friends and family, we ended up with around 15 adults and 27 kids....can you believe it????

The party was a hit! At first, we tried to organize a few relay races, but we quickly realized the kids had more fun making horse and chariot contraptions out of jump ropes and scooters. Even the bouncy house was pushed aside for dodge ball and good ol' running around! I guess the lesson I've learned is that kids don't need such elaborate parties...just a big building or yard and a few friends!
I am the "queen" of elaborate parties, and I've done them all: baking party, ooey-gooey party, Survivor party, carnival party, pop star party, Six Flags party. I usually wear myself out with the details of the perfect invitation, the perfect party favors, and the perfect party games. But no more! The simpler, the better.
I'll post pics from the party once I load them on the computer and edit them a little. Hope you guys are all staying well...lots of little bugs and illnesses going around with the kiddos being back in school! Take care....