Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Flo, here's a little gift just for you!

Meet ya at the NKOTB concert (you, too, Jen Strib!)

One More For Flo

I have tears in my eyes!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Favorite Things List

I was tagged by my sister to do a "favorite things" blog entry. Subsequently, I'm tagging ALL my fellow bloggers to do the same! It beats trying to come up with something creative and engaging to blog about! Here are a few of my faves:

I took a Modern Literature class my senior year at Texas A&M (whoop!). The class itself was enthralling, the professor was lively and spastic, and the books allowed me to use my critical thinking membrane. I fell in love with this book, and to this day it remains on my list of "Top 10 Books You Must Read Before You Die". It is NOT an easy read. It is a little weird, and my sister and my dad have not been able to read it. You must understand: my dad consumes books, but couldn't get through this one. Like I said, it's a tough read, but sooooooo worth it if you can get to the end. You will read this last page of the novel, sigh deeply, then dive right back in to re-read it. That's exactly what I did.

I love to organize things, and The Container Store is an organization-freak's dream! I rarely get to shop there, but I love all the new concepts they bring to the organization world. And don't misunderstand: my home isn't really that organized, but when I get on a kick and organize my craft closet (like I did this weekend), there's not much else that brings about the same feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

White, sandy beaches. Enough said. Cody and I got married on the beach in the Bahamas, and so it's only fitting that I long to return there again, and again, and again.....
So I have this thing with smells.....I have a very sensitive nose and it can pick up lots of wonderful and not-so-wonderful smells. These wallflowers are a little addicting, and I have, like, 52 of them sitting in my dining room buffet. My favorite scents are creamy nutmeg, wintertime, frosted cranberry, and brown sugar and fig. I have 4 of them plugged in at this very moment....I don't care if they are considered fire hazards. My house smells good.
I'm a Beth Moore groupie. I admit it. Most of her studies are great, some are good, and then there's the one that knocks your socks off. For me, the Believing God study was my sock knocker-offer. It changed my life, helped me piece together a solid testimony, and allowed me to see God retrospectively in areas of my life prior to becoming a believer. It was the glue that linked together the pages of my life, and I don't know if I'll ever go through the kind of metamorphosis that I went through during this study. I hope I will, though.....
Oh, sweet mama! Can you hear my "hallelujah" chorus playing in the background? I loooooove this program. Love it. I love to design digital scrapbook pages, calling cards, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, and even blog headers! (check out Amy, Flo and Dona's blog on my links list to see the headers I designed for them.) Even more than my own designing, I love teaching others how to use it.

Last but not least, this is my current favorite house on the market in the Waco area. Cody and visited this house with our realtor, and we left our hearts there. (super corny, right?). We toured this home about a year ago, and I think about this house at least once a day. It represents everything that is impractical for the Beeler family, but sometimes impractical is what's most fun, right? This gem sits on 17 acres in the middle of podunk-ville, and comes equipped with pool, hot tub, concrete stained floors, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, and two donkeys. The donkeys did me in. My soul will not rest until I own this piece of property.

Well, there you have it. It's not thrilling. It's rather shallow. But it's my favorite things list. I hope you're a better person for reading this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pre-Teen Words of Wisdom....Unplugged

THANK YOU to those of you who posted questions for our guest columnist today. The questions were thoughtful, poignant and a little difficult, and I certainly know why you asked what you asked. Whew, raising kids these days is so tough! It helps to get a different perspective....I hope this helps!


I tried my best to give Kellie-Laine the reigns and not interfere one tiny bit. For the most part, I did just that. There were, however, a few instances where I needed to help her complete a compound or complex thought or perhaps encourage her to be more thoughtful about her answer. (True to the pre-teen mindset, "I don't know" was her answer of choice, and I knew that wasn't what you wanted to hear!) Overall, this was her interview so I let her control what she wanted to say. So without further she is.


1. How has your mom or dad talked with you about drugs and alcohol?

Well, they told me they're bad! I really want to follow what they told me like if I do drugs and alcohol that there WILL be consequences! She also points out people that are smoking or drinking and tells me that I will look like that if I drink or do drugs. She tells me about news stories about people that have been killed by drugs and that makes me think of how I don't want to end up like that.

2. Do you really listen when they teach you something?
Well it depends on what their talking about! I get annoyed when they tell me about boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. And let me tell you, Cody gives the worst advice!!!! He says when someone asks me if I like a boy as a boyfriend, he tells me to say, " Yes I like him, as a friend." I will never say that in my entire life!!!! So I try to listen to my mom as much as possible. She does pretty well.

**Hello, Angela here. I had to interject on this one. Cody and I have both told Kellie-Laine this is the best response when her friends ask or assume that she likes someone. Kellie-Laine thinks the response sounds dorky and is "too embarrassing" to say! Kellie-Laine loves to pick on Cody!!

3. What is a good way to talk to my daughter about her changing body?

I personally would rather read books about it because I feel awkward about that kind of stuff!!!!! But I would say to just read the book you choose with her because if she has any questions you'll be there to answer them!!!

4. What's your favorite memory about being little?

my favorite memory of being little was being an ONLY CHILD!!!! I loved that because I got all the attention and I spent more time with my parents. I got peace and quiet and I didn't have to babysit!! I love my sisters though, without them I would be sooo bored! I love playing with Landrie and holding Emerie!!!I feel blessed to have such a great family!!!

5. What's the one thing you wish your parents would let you do that they say you're too young for?

I wish I could have a CELLPHONE!!!!! I want one to call my friends whenever I want!!! (and not have to pay for it!) That would be awesome!

6. If you could have the best day ever, what would you do?

I know this sounds babyish but I would go to Chuck E. Cheeses!!! And by 1 million tokens! I would also go to Dallas in a limo with my friends and stay the weekend and go SHOPPING!!!!

7. What do girls want to hear most from their moms?

Well I like it when my mom comforts me after a long day. I love hearing stories of when she had the same problems that I have and tells me what I should do!!!

8. What should "us mommies" be saying instead of "that's cool!"?

Well, I don't know just say something other than that! Just kidding! You can say whatever you want I just have never heard my mom say that so I don't want her to!!!!!!

9. What is one thing your mom has done that you're grateful for?

I'm really grateful for everything she has done. I'm thankful for one thing, but its not so much what she has done its what God has given her, I'm thankful for her wisdom!!! I love it when she tells me things that the Bible says when I'm in trouble or just need help.

**Angela here again. Can I tell you that my mouth was hanging open when I read this??! Normally when I talk to her about a situation, she rolls her eyes and pouts. All this time I was thinking her body language meant she wasn't listening and didn't like what I had to say!! Who knew it actually meant she was grateful for my wisdom!! I am so glad we had this little discussion.

10. What is one thing your dad has done that you're grateful for?

Cody has helped me and done things for me for me many times. He will listen to what I need or want and I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten something at home and he has to bring it to school!!!! I am sooo grateful and blessed to have a dad like him!!!

11. Do you and your sister/s fight alot?

Mom answering for Kellie-Laine: YES!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Interview With A Pre-Teen

Well, well, well...two posts in one day, eh? I must have a lot of time on my hands.

I have an important announcement: I have a really special post that's coming soon, but I'll need your help. You see, I have a guest blogger lined up for an interview at the "Adventures of a SuperMom" blog! That's right! This guest blogger will answer your most burning questions...questions that all of us have on our minds and want answered FROM 12 YEAR OLD.

Yep, you guessed it. Kellie-Laine will be blogging sometime next week, and she will be answering your questions. Nothing is off limits--well, I do draw the line at perversion--but other than that NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! She will answer your questions without any editing or suggestions from me. (This will be an extreme practice in letting go of that "control freak" in me!)

Haven't you always wondered why pre-teens seem fascinated with bodily noises...especially at the dinner table? Ask Kellie-Laine. Don't know what to do with your daughter who has a hard time making friends? Ask Kellie-Laine. Interested in knowing what I look like with no make-up on? Ask Kellie-Laine. Want to know why girls whine when asked to clean their rooms? Ask get the picture, right?

Here's what I need you to do: please post a question in the comments section of this entry. Once we've gathered a handful of questions, I'll have Kellie-Laine post her responses. I know I've whined and complained about the many of you who read my blog; yet don't comment. And hopefully I've praised and properly acknowledged those of you who do....but if you could please do me a favor and try to think of something to ask her. I'd really, really be grateful. She's excited about this, and so am I!

Looking forward to your questions.....I think!

Where Is My Help?

Being a mommy is H-A-R-D. Wouldn't you agree? I will go even further as to say that being a stay-at-home mommy is the toughest job of all. Having been a working mommy for a short period of time, I can say from first-hand experience that being an at-home mom is 14,286 times tougher. I don't mean to be insensitive to working moms...but I just know the day-in/day-out routine of loading dishes, changing diapers, filling and re-filling juice cups, planning dinner with a one-year-old strapped to your ankle like a home imprisonment device, cleaning dress-up clothes left behind from my 4 year old's 14th outfit change, refereeing three girls who argue despite the age difference, chauffeuring a 6th grader whose social calendar rivals my own, having your lunch interrupted by a child yelling, "wipe my poo-poo please!", and just settling the baby down for a nap when the phone rings and your eldest tells you she's forgotten her lunch...again--all this can get o-l-d. This is what I look forward to each day. Day after day. 365 days a year. 24 hours a day. So, yes, I contend it's hard and oftentimes unfulfulling and unrewarding. Even for SuperMom.
And I know I'm blessed. I don't mean to complain here, but I want to share (and hopefully get some empathetic feedback) that motherhood is not always glorious, fun, and exciting. Sometimes it's a job that I'm just not motivated to do. So what is the solution? Go back to work? Not if I don't have to! Read other people's blogs about motherhood? Done just makes me feel worse. Hire a nanny? Thought about it, but I'm too much of a control freak.
I just need some help. And as I was catching up on the Bible study that I'm two days behind on, I saw a solution. Here's what I read:
"I will raise my eyes towards the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2
That's it!! Right there in black and white! This is where my motivation will come from. I've read this scripture so many times before, yet today these words fall fresh on me. I know the reality is that God will not magically appear and help me wipe my counter tops, change crib sheets, or de-bone chicken. He will, however, provide the energy and mindset I need to get these things done. Sometimes the only thing we really need is a change of perspective. A different viewpoint. A better attitude. Wow. Talk about sobering.
So there you have it. Even SuperMom's powers can be affected by the daily routine of mommyhood. Kryptonite comes in all forms, I guess. But I've been reminded of the antidote, and I'm well prepared to take on the daily battle yet again!
Faster than a toddler running with a poopie diaper....stronger than the will of a middle to leap piles of laundry in a single bound! It's a cuckoo's a single-engine plane...IT'S SUPERMOM! (with God as my co-pilot!)
Now go take on the day.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Might As Well Face It, I'm Addicted to BLOGS

I have a blog addiction. It's real. It's consuming. And it's sucking away all my SuperMom powers. It's not the blog writing I'm addicted to. I'm addicted to reading them!

Those of you who read this blog are, obviously, familiar with the crazy popularity that surrounds blogging. Blog-reading is that perfect combination of reality TV + eavesdropping + snooping + non-fiction reading + local gossip column + voyeurism. It is highly entertaining, comforting and creepy--all at the same time. I read several blogs consistently (notice the list to the right). But oftentimes I happen upon bloggers who I don't know, yet I'm completely engrossed in their stories. It's weird. And I'm wondering: are there people reading my blog who don't know me? Should I think that's weird, too? I don't; I kinda think it's cool.

(If you're ever interested in finding new blogs to read, try doing a Goodle search for "Weblog Awards." You'll find nominees and winners for the year's best blogs in all sorts of categories like: parenting, humor, news, fashion, politics, etc. I have found some real doozies that make me laugh so hard I become incontinent...or is it incoherent?... inconsolable? It's probably all three....quick! Get me a diaper, a box of kleenex and some smelling salts! It's that funny.

One blog that I've consistently kept up with is Pioneer Woman. I don't know her, but I love her stories and apparently so does the rest of America. She started out as a piddly ol' blogger like me, emailed her site to a few friends, and in a year's time....she became a blog celebrity! She now is a guest columnist for JC Penny's and the Food Network, and her readership is in the tens of thousands!

Even here in Waco, TX the blogging business is booming. Photographers, news journalists, churches, even florists have extended their marketing efforts to include blogging. And it's working! I discovered a photographer just last night whose blog was linked to another blog, and I'm thrilled to have found her and will probably use her one day ( That's what I call word-of-blog advertising!

Reading other blogs has made me aware of the writing talent out there, and there are so many fabulous, inspiring, funny bloggers! I have tried to take my own blogging up a notch or two to make things stimulating, entertaining, and above all real. Looking back at the genesis of my blog, I realized that the first half of my entries were simply updates...Kellie-Laine's doing this, Landrie's doing that, Emerie is great, Cody is lovely, I am fine....blah, blah, blah. Pretty boring, huh? So here in the past few posts, I've really tried to let you in on my family life...the reality of it; the ugliness of it; the humorous side of it. I hope you've noticed, and I hope you'll stay to read more. I thank you for taking the time to read about our family, and ESPECIALLY to the handful of you who leave me a comment. It absolutely brightens my day. To all of you lurkers: feel free to come out of the closet if you will. I'd love to know who I'm writing for!

SuperMom's gotta fly now....the kids are napping and I've got some blog catching-up to do!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slip of the Tongue

DISCLAIMER: This has a small level of crassness....but it's accidental crass. Does that count? I don't want to offend anyone, but Cody and I got a belly-rolling laugh out of this! Watch it at least two times and pay attention to the preacher's face. Hi-Lar-I-Ous.

This is particularly funny to me being that my brother-in-law, Boog, is a youth minister. I would never want this to happen to him, though....(well, okay, it might be kinda funny!)

Hope this gives you a good laugh on a dreary Wednesday!

Friday, January 11, 2008

How Do You Parent an Odd Child?

Landrie is an odd girl. I say this with the utmost respect and love for her. After all, she is my flesh and blood and, therefore, some of the oddity must come from either Cody or me. But she is odd, and I'm not sure how to parent her sometimes. Dr. Dobson's book, The Strong-Willed Child, talks about using discipline to "break the will; not the spirit" and this is a philosophy I subscribe to. But I'm not really talking about how to discipline....just what to do when Landrie's being...odd.
There are countless examples, but here is one of the more recent events. Every Wednesday, I work with our church's youth group on a project called, "Motion." Since Motion begins so early in the evening, my kiddos have to hang out with me in the sanctuary until they can go to their activities. It took Landrie a few weeks, but she has now completely warmed up to the Motion kids/parents/volunteers and she is free to be all her splendor and glory.
This past Wednesday, her full splendor and glory was on display for all to see. You see, Landrie has a big imagination. She loves imaginitive play....pretend play. So during Motion, she asked me to take her potty, which I did. When we returned to the sanctuary, Landrie bounded up on stage and sat quietly on the choir steps.
"Cool" I thought to myself, and I returned my attention back to the Motion kids. A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye I saw Landrie stand up and do something that took my breath away. I can barely write it....but here goes. From the corner of my eye, I see Landrie stand up, bend her knees, and PRETEND TO WIPE HERSELF...front bottom AND back bottom. Then she pretends to wash her hands, and sits back down on the choir step to repeat this imaginary process of going "poo-poo" and "pee-pee".
Keep in mind she is on the the the pulpit...God's holy place! Parents are watching...teenagers are dancing...I am crying.
Okay, work with me here. Who does this? What kind of child pretends in this way? Really. I'm not looking for comforting answers here...just honest truth. And, honestly, I was laughing inside, but pretty mortified at the same time. My friend, Adrielle, was there to witness the show the second time Landrie performed it. She was laughing, too, but I bet she secretly thinking, "Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that child just did that!!"
There are other examples, too. Landrie can sometimes be bi-polar. If she sees a friend outside of school, like the grocery store, she is oftentimes ugle=y. A normal child would run up to the friend and hug her or smile and wave....something friendly. But not Landrie. She will look at the friend and then say to me "Her look at me. I don't like her." See? Odd.
Another example is that she has an un-natural attachment to Cody. The first thing she says to me each morning is "Where's daddy?" Then she cries when I tell her he's at work. Then she will ask for him repeatedly throughout the day, and as the day draws on, she will begin to countdown the time until daddy comes home.
A final example is that she loves to wear clothing that, how should I say this?....a little tramp-ish. Hooker-like. Her favorite is a rayon skirt of Kellie-Laine's. She will pull it up under her arms and wear it like a strapless dress. You can tell by the look on her face that she thinks she's pretty beautiful....twirling around...sashaying her bare, naked shoulders around the house. She knows better than to even ask to wear such atrocities in public, but the moment she gets home from school, she'll put it on. And, no, we do not let her watch Wives of Orange County or The Hills....I Tivo those and watch them when she's asleep. (Just kidding!)
There is an endless list to the odd things Landrie does. I just need to know how to parent them! Any advice? I took drugs when I was ones. I was on Phenergen for about 18 weeks when I was trying to kick the morning sickness. Could this explain her abnormal behavior?
I am certain God uniquely designed Landrie to His liking. I'm just trying to figure out what grandiose plan He has for Landrie....wiping her front bottom and back bottom in the sanctuary of our church.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Time to Worship

Got a question for all of you out there reading if all four of you don't mind responding, that would be just great!

I've alluded a bit to my love of music, mostly Christian. Cody and I have amassed a huge collection of itunes music, which is now worth more than the sum of both of our vehicles. One of my favorite things to do in all my spare time (I'm laughing hysterically at the thought of "spare time") is to search for new artists and new music. I've come across some recent favorites, and I'm in love with my new worship mix.

Which leads me to my question for the four of you readers....WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTIAN SONGS? Let me clarify that I don't really mean hymns (which I dearly love)...I'm talking about worship music. Your personal favorites...the ones that get your blood pumping and you can't help but singing and smiling!

Here is what's currently on my favorite worship mix:
1. Revelation Song
2. For My Love, Bethany Dillon
3. Light of the World, Watermark
4. God With Us, MercyMe
5. Hallelujah, Bethany Dillon
6. Take Me There, Watermark
7. Let your Light Shine, Bethany Dillon
8. You Are Good, Nicole Nordeman
9. I Know You're There, Casting Crowns
10. How You Live, Point of Grace
11. Glory in the Highest, Chris Tomlin
12. Beautiful, Bethany Dillon
13. Captivate Us, Watermark
14. The More I Seek You, Hillsong (?)
15. Miracle of the Moment, Steven Curtis Chapman
16. In Better Hands, Natalie Grant
17. All My Praise, Selah
18. Top of My Lungs, Phillips, Craig & Dean

There's one or two more I can't remember right now (I made the above list from memory), but you get the gist of the kind of songs I'm talking about.

I listen to this CD every time I'm in the kitchen, which is about 12.5 times a day. My little ones, especially Emerie, will walk around with their hands lifted up in the air, swaying and singing (yes, we attend Highland...aka "High Hands"), and it's super cool to watch them do this!

I just love the energy that fills the air when powerful praise is being played! It can literally turn my sour mood sweet, and make my happy mood exhilarating! I was just curious if anyone else has this emotional response to music the way I do (or if I'm just a complete freak of nature). And listen, I know it's not really the music that I'm responding to...but God himself. Even better.

So respond away, you four faithful readers.....what are your musical faves? Any suggestions for me? And please remember to call ahead if you ever plan on stopping by my house. The sounds from within might scare you. While I love to hear great worship music, I also love to sing with it. And that, folks, is where my endless talents end. I can't sing melody (I'm an alto)....but that NEVER stops me from trying!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

When You Give A 12 Year Old A Video Camera....

Kellie-Laine got a digital camera with video capabilities this Christmas. Here are a few of the high-quality, memory-making, home movies she has capured so far.

I know, I know. You don't have to tell me. Her movie-making skills are extraordinary.