Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bad Blogger

I'm a bad sorry! Things have been more hectic than usual due to school wrapping up and little Emerie learning to crawl. My miniscule "free time" has now become "chase after Emerie" time and "figure out what Landrie wants" time.

Kellie-Laine had her awards assembly today and she got awards for almost perfect attendance (missed one day of school, which was last Friday), A/B honor roll, and Coach Page recognized her as being the only WBA student who broke records at the recent track meet. She broke the record in both the 400 meter and 100 meter. She is completely ready for school to be out and is such a scatter brain right now! She's had computer priviliges taken away twice this week for leaving homework at school! We still have VBS, basketball camp, swim lessons, and Frontier Camp to get through before we can really relax!

Landrie's still my little princess...she walks around during the day reminding me that Daddy is her "number one" and I'm her "number two." That's a three year old's way of saying "I'm merely tolerating you until my beloved Daddy gets home." I once asked her when I could be her number one and she replied, "When you are a boy."

Emerie is bear crawling everywhere...I call her my Swifter because she picks up all of my floor dust with either her mouth or her clothes. Landrie crawls into her crib each morning (pictured above) and they play for 30-45 minutes. I have no idea what goes on between them, but as long as Emerie's not crying I let them have sissy time together.

Well, I guess that's the quick update for now. It's almost midnight and I've still got two loads of laundry to get to!

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Track Meet

So most of you have already read this from my email...sorry to CONTINUE with the bragging. As parents, I guess we always do a little vicarious living through our children, huh? Many of you will remember that last year Kellie-Laine won the 400, too, and I was literally pulling into the parking lot while her race was going! I was very pregnant AND struggling to get a very unhappy toddler out of the car in a hurry. Some other parents started congratulating me on KL's win as I entered the track field, and I was devastated. I cried as I hugged her because I had missed something so important.
This year, I was determined to be on time and present, and it was worth it! My heart was beating so fast as each race began and I couldn't hold the camera still! Winning the 100 was not really that much of a surprise to me because she is fast, but watching her run the 400 was so neat! There was another girl in her heat who really had me worried...we played against her in basketball and she was a phenomenal player. She is the one right behind Kellie-Laine in the picture above. Kellie-Laine kept the lead the entire time, and she made it look so effortless. How do kids have so much energy?!! Cody helped give her some pointers about taking the inside track early on, and I think that helped. She knew exactly where to be and where she needed to be on the track. Cody just called and said Kellie-Laine placed 3rd overall for 4th-8th grade girls. Pretty good--I think that means she got a medal!
Thanks for listening to my shameless bragging!