Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

They pulled one over on me....I can't believe it!

My husband, close friends, and sister managed to plan a surprise dinner for me this past Saturday night in honor of my 32nd birthday. I am normally a very aware, intuitive, astute person, so I'm not sure how all this planning slipped by me. My husband has only managed to surprise me one other time in my life when he planned a weekend getaway at the 7-F Lodge in College Station...since then I've known about all other surprise attempts. Here's the photo my friend (and co-conspire-er), Julie, snapped of me as I was walking into the room.

I'm not normally a fan of surprises, but this one was so great because I was completely in the dark! I felt so loved and blessed to be surrounded by people I love so dearly! Thanks for making my birthday one I'll remember forever.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not so lazy days of summer...

The first few weeks of summer have proven less than relaxing for our household....the busy-ness has been fun, but I know I can't keep up this pace for long! Kellie-Laine started out with basketball camp, then VBS, joined a city-league track team, and finally today we dropped her off in Grapeland, TX for a week-long stay at Frontier camp. For those of you who don't know, KL is quite the homebody and struggles with homesickness. She doesn't spend the night with friends, and so getting her to stay for a week at camp was a major ordeal. She woke up this morning with alot of nerves and anxiety, but once we arrived she was glad to be there.

KL also had her first track meet this weekend with Waco's city league. She had planned on running the 400m and the 200m, but after sitting in almost triple digit heat for four hours, we were burned to a crisp! KL had very little left in her to run. She completed the 400, came in 3rd in her heat and I practically had to carry her off the track. She was breathing so hard, calling my name and looking very disoriented...I was a little worried and decided that staying for her other race was not a good decision. She's been doing great in her practices and was in the top 8 for her 100m dash, but she's never had to battle the elements quite like she did on Saturday. She's also learned how to high jump and has a goal of competing in that event at a future meet. We'll see what happens!

Landrie just completed two weeks worth of swim lessons, and so that's been fun for her. They don't let parents stay during the swim lessons, and so the last day was "Parent Day" and we were able to see what they had been working on. I was really impressed! Landrie was able to kick underwater and "swim" to each of her teachers by herself. She has no fear of the water whatsoever! This lack of fear is quite scary, though, when I take the girls swimming. Landrie becomes overly brave going up and down the slide (over and over and over) all by herself.

Emerie is still bear crawling, although she loves to rock on all fours. She also pulls up on anything she can....and then gets stuck! It's so funny to see her cry because she can't figure out how to sit down. She's also learned to call for Landrie whenever I'm calling for Landrie, and she'll yell "Gee-yah" to echo me. AThis summer, I hired a babysitter to come sit for Emerie twice a week. I feel quite guilty about it, but since all my girls are at such different ages it was something I had to do. Landrie and KL both love to skate, go to movies, paint at Practically Picasso, etc. but those aren't exactly the best environments for Emerie -- so I carved out two afternoons a week for "big girl activities." It's been fun so far, and I know by the end of the summer I'll be glad I did it!
In other news, Cody found his truck and after much deliberation he bought it. I think the fact that it was the perfect shade of "Aggie Maroon" sold him on it. His old truck he is giving to his brother in Lubbock, and Andy will be thrilled to have it. Also, my brother-in-law (Boog, Flo's husband) has decided to enter the ministry, so keep him and my sister in your prayers as he enters seminary. My only prayer request is that God will keep them close to us...they're practically the only family we have, and it's nice to have them less than 2 hours away.

Have a peaceful week!