Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sunshine Days!

It's hard to keep up with this blog since the weather's been as great as it has been these past few days! In Waco, there's a very, very short window of time before the warm weather allows for the spawn-of-satan mosquitoes to hatch! All the females in our family are extremely allergic to mosquitoes...and they love our scent! So for now we're able to play outside, and that's exactly what we've been doing!

Kellie-Laine is playing the last two basketball games of the season this week. I'll admit, I'm sad! But we've already started soccer practice and our first game is Saturday. This is the first time Kellie-Laine has played since she was FOUR, but she was begging us to let her play again. Apparently, she spends her recess time with the boys playing soccer at school! If I didn't know better, I might be concerned that I have a tomboy on hand!

Landrie's pink eye is gone and so is the virus she had all last week. A blood vessel in her eye burst due to the coughing and pink eye, and so most of her eyeball is blood red! It's pretty scary. She is currently obsessed with kissing and hugging Emerie and takes her big sister job very seriously.

Cody and I have decided that Landrie is going to be the child we pray about the most....she's sneaky and sometimes downright deceitful! Last night as Cody was giving her a bath, she told him that her hairbow "went to the potty all by itself." After a series of questions, we discovered that Landrie had flushed one of her hairbows down the toilet. "Why didn't you tell Mommy?" I asked. "Because it was an accident" was her reply. I walk around the house wondering what else might have disappeared at the hands of our sneaky little girl.

Emerie is at that golden 6 month mark. Does anyone remember this? They are soooo stinkin' precious and cute...their coos are heart melting...it's hard to stop kissing those precious cheeks! Ahhh....it's insanely contagious the way they make your heart feel as they gaze into your face as though seeing you for the first time! I told Cody I wasn't sure if I could definitely say this was it--our LAST child! It makes me sad to even think about it. But I have to remember that when Landrie was this age, I had these same feelings! If I had better pregnancies and knew for sure that we'd have another girl, I might go for it. But...that's not reality. Maybe we'll re-evaluate this issue when she's two.

Our family is, once again, hooked on American Idol. Is anyone else watching? I spend most of the time asking Cody and Kellie-Laine to be quiet (they like to comment as the performers sing, which impairs my ability to HEAR the performance!), but thankfully we tivo it and so I can oftentimes go back and watch it again by myself!

So there's the latest in the Beeler world. Pretty uneventful, but that's the way we like it!

Have a sunny day!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vacation Getaway!

We just booked a lake destination vacation with three other families at The Avonne on Lake LBJ. I'm super excited...go check out their website and you'll see why! (www.theavonne.com you have to click "low" bandwidth to maneuver around the site). The entire summer is pretty booked up, so we'll head down there the first of August...Cody's ski boat will, of couse be in tow, and another family will be bringing their awesome malibu ski boat! Lookin' forward to summer already!!

Okay, so back to the real world...Landrie has been fighting a horrible virus and running high fever for the past 3 days. She is so pitiful, and I'm just waiting and hoping that Emerie won't get it!

I also wanted to show you some other digi pages I've done. For those of you who care, I'm having them printed at Alpha Graphics for about $1.10 a copy. The quality is truly amazing! I can't wait for some of my other scrapping friends to switch over soon!

I hope you're all doing well...stay healthy!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Lots of things have happened since I last blogged, so I'm going to post in numerical order so I don't miss anything!

1. Landrie woke up Wednesday morning with an early Valentine's Day surprise--PINK EYE! We haven't had that around this household for a long time...needless to say, I keep reminding her not to touch the baby or her eyes, but neither request is being obeyed. Landrie does, however, remember to tell me after the fact that she needs to wash her hands by saying "I touched mine eyeball!"

2. Kellie-Laine's school had its annual Valentine's Skate party, and she was so excited because Korban asked her to be his "valentine." While I don't condone this type of one-day relationship in general, I allowed her to have her fun and stressed that this in no way meant they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Kellie-Laine couldn't really even tell me what being his valentine meant. That's one nice thing about private school. Kids are really super sheltered for the most part, so these social relationships that are happening early on in the "real world" don't really have much presence at WBA. One sad bit of news, KL's homeroom teacher fell while skating and tore her ACL, so she'll be in surgery and recovering for awhile. Pray for Mrs. Rovelo!

3. Cody and I shared V-day with our normal "low-Key" approach. He got me a new Razr phone, which I love because it is PINK! It's my favorite color, and if someone wants to sell me something, all they have to do is make it pink! (That's one perk of being a mom of 3 girls--everything is pink!) I've been having fun figuring out its cool features--one feature that I like is called the Answer Tone. If any of you call my cell phone, instead of hearing the ringing you'll hear a song of my choice! Pretty cool...just don't hang up too soon. You'll hear the main chorus of the song before my phone actually rings.
I got Cody a gift of a different kind. I created a folder in his itunes account called "Cody Love" and downloaded a bunch of songs that reminded me of him and our dating relationship (past and present). It was a fun compilation with songs like "Whoomp! There It Is" ( the song he was dancing to when I first saw him) and "Wait" from Grey's Anatomy, since each Thursday we put the kids to bed early and watch it! (Don't tell pastor Barry!) There were other fun and sweet ones like" Time & Faith's, "It's Your Love" and Keith Urban's, "Your Everything." He loved it! And since he had to drive to Killeen last night at 9 pm to deliver some work stuff to the OR, it was a great way to pass the time.

4. Landrie, too, had a suitor come a'calling this V-Day. Her very best friend, Carson (a boy), made her a special red-beaded locket necklace and bracelet. He got dressed up in a sports coat and knocked on our door with the present behind his back and presented his gift to Landrie asking, "Will you be my Valentine?" It was priceless!

And just a few random things from today:

~We found out today that we have one of the contaminated peanut butter jars...yuck! The bad batch is Peter Pan brand with a lot # that starts with 2111---check your peanut butter!

~Kellie-Laine won her basketball game tonight 18-16...the referees were terrible! They made 5 horrible calls--two of them on Kellie-Laine! Usually, we're pretty objective parents but tonight was pretty unbelievable. It was a great lesson for KL to learn though. Life isn't fair, bad calls are often made, but you keep on playing!!

~Cody brought me a strawberry tart from his trip to College Station today. It's from a restaurant called "Cafe Excel" and I highly recommend it if any of you make the pilgrimage to Aggieland. I've already devoured it!

Anyway, I hope each of you had a treasured day with your loved ones...but that each day will be just as sweet and precious. I'm off to do my precept Bible study and then hopefully watch Grey's Anatomy with Cody...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hey, guys!

I left out one ingredient from the recipe....it's not part of the original recipe, but it's something that I add to make the sauce a little creamier. I add 1/2 cup of whipping cream to the cream cheese/milk mixture along with some garlic salt.

Hope that helps!


Great, Easy Recipe

Here's what we're having for dinner tonight...it's a quick recipe that's really yummy!
It's from Better Homes & Gardens:

Chicken Tortellini
~ 1 9 oz package frozen cheese tortellini
~1 cup frozen peas, corn, or other vegetable
~1 8-oz tub of cream cheese spread, chive and onion flavor
~ 1/2 cup of milk
~ 1 9 oz package Tyson's cooked, cubed chicken

1. In a large saucepan, cook tortellini according to package directions. Place frozen vegetable in colander. Drain hot pasta over vegetables to thaw; return pasta-vegetable mix to pan.
2. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan combine cream cheese and milk; heat and stir until cheese is melted. Heat chicken according to package.
3. Stir cheese sauce into cooked pasta mixture. Cook until heated through. Spoon into serving bowl, top with chicken.

I will put this with a tossed salad and bread--great comfort food! One thing I like to do with my salad is to toast coconut and almonds in butter. Add some cranberries and feta cheese and voila! You've got a gourmet salad on hand!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Again...

Does anyone hate Mondays? I do but only because I've had the luxury of being with my helpful husband all weekend. Mondays signify my entrance back into the real world of "stay at home mommies."

One funny thing to share today...Landrie's ears stick out (like her daddy's) and so each night when Cody brushes her hair after bathtime, she always says, "Don't brush mine ears, dad." Isn't that cute?

I stayed up late last night working on some more digi pages...so I thought I'd share. Have a great day!

Friday, February 9, 2007

New Digi Page

More of my pages to show off...y'all this is really so much fun!

Hope you have a great weekend...it's Parent's Night Out at our church so Cody and I are going out ALONE for the first time since Emerie's birth!!! Well, not exactly alone...we're meeting some friends at 135 Prime for dinner. But we're glad to have the chance to do something for ourselves at last!

Good news: Lost started up again this week (one of our favorite TV shows) anyone watching? And American Idol's back on, too. These shows plus Grey's Anatomy...I'm living in front of the TV!!!


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cold Again!

Yesterday we had wonderful spring-like weather...near 80 degrees. Today? Not even 50 degrees here and cloudy skies. Yuck! That's Texas weather for ya! We did take in the wonderful sunshine yesterday, and the girls had fun swinging and jumping on the trampoline.
You can't tell from the picture, but Kellie-Laine was actually pouting because she was "serving time" by doing 20 minutes worth of chores of my choice. It's a new rule I made up just yesterday when she forgot her lunch, which is a common occurrence for her. I had just gotten Landrie home from gymnastics and put the baby down for a nap when the phone rings and it was Kellie-Laine asking me to bring her lunch. Normally, I oblige...that is, after all, one of the perks of being a stay-at-home-mom. But I was really put out this time because the baby had just fallen asleep! I called a very wise mother-of-four and she let me in on the "20 minute chore" consequence. I liked the concept, and I'm hoping it will help KL become more responsible with her things. She is CONSTANTLY forgetting items of necessity! I will always try to extend grace when I can, though.
Kellie-Laine is a very good daughter most of the time, so I hope this blog doesn't sound overly critical. She does have, like most kids her age, an issue with personal responsibility, though, and I'm determined to help her! I want to make sure that I return her to the world as a mature, responsible, God-loving adult...and won't she make a fine wife one day?!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good Heavens, it's the PLAGUE!

Okay, so maybe it's not quite that bad, but the flu, strep throat, and several yucky stomach bugs have hit Waco! Emerie Beth was sick last week (it turned out it wasn't roto virus) and tonight she projectile vomited again after being symptomless for 3 days. That means either she has been sick this whole time, or she just contracted ANOTHER virus! Kellie-Laine's school had 43 out on Friday and over 30 out today, not including several teachers who left ill! Flo said her school shut down today and tomorrow because so many kids were out. This is getting serious!

On to more positive news. . .check out my newest fashion find--baby leg warmers! (Landrie's modeling them underneath an outfit she picked out herself!) Both my little girls have enjoyed wearing these, and I must say they're quite cute! You can do a google search for "baby legs" and find many companies that carry them in lots of fun colors and designs. You can't tell in the photo, but Landrie's leggings are actually a pink and white argyle print. They are great for infants, too, especially crawlers. I love putting Emerie in a onesie with her leggings...comfortable AND cute!

I'm also posting a picture of Emerie Beth with her new hairbow that Aunt Flo gave her for Christmas. The bow is almost as big as her entire head, but it's still pretty cute.
As you can tell, I don't have too much to report...we're just doing our best to stay well. Hope you are, too!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Some more digi pages....

Please keep little Emerie in your prayers...she has roto virus. Yuck!